Colour Your Cares Away


Colour Your Cares Away Volume  II

As volunteers with the south Simcoe Arts Council, we have again invited students in South Simcoe schools to create black-line drawings for ‘Colour Your Cares Away,’ Volume II, a forty page community colouring book, to be donated to local hospital emergency departments, to occupy and strengthen the comfort levels and of younger patients, their siblings and families while waiting for care.

During 2011, almost 10,000 copies of ‘Colour Your Cares Away’ were delivered to hospitals in Alliston, Barrie, Newmarket and Orangeville. According to hospital staffs, children are truly delighted to receive unexpectedly, a copy of ‘Colour Your Cares Away’.

In light of our success, and to meet an on-going need, we have received over 500 drawings from students in 15 south Simcoe schools, in response to our request for volume two. We have juried 37 drawings for selection, and are ready to publish ‘Colour Your Cares Away’, Volume II. With approximately 50% of the $10 000 required for the project, in place, we would be most appreciative, if you could consider a donation.

We wish to express our gratitude for your consideration of our request to support ‘Colour Your Cares Away,’ Volume II, and enclose a Pledge Form for your perusal.

Our vision is “Arts for All”. We hope that by coordinating involvement in the project, our combined efforts will strengthen service and support, for ‘youth helping youth’ in our community.

Yours sincerely,


Jan Atkinson
South Simcoe Arts Council                                                                          
Co-ordinator, Colouring Book Project


Colour Your Cares Away  Volume I

Your Cares Away colouring book project
gathered at Stevenson Memorial Hospital to celebrate the delivery of colouring books, which are to be given freely to children who are patients in care. Pictured left to right, are Kerry Worrod and Lindsay Fleisher (who donated $1500 from the Michael Worrod Memorial Fund), Joy Foster of Kimberlite Enterprises (who contributed $325, raised by her youth choir through their Christmas concerts), John Endert (President of the Rotary Club of Alliston which donated $2000), SMH ER representative Steve Birks, Brittany Brochert (student artist from BMHS), Patricia Middlebrook (representing the Alliston Community Policing Committee which donated $500), Jan Atkinson(colouring book co-ordinator) and Beryl Burroughs, representing the SMH Auxiliary. Absent is Kirk Stanfield of Red Oak Printing. Kirk donated much appreciated time and services, ordering, printing, and storing the 10,000 books!

  • As volunteers, we have involved the youth of our community in the development of a colouring book which will be made available to local hospital emergency departments at Stevenson Memorial Hospital, Alliston, Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket and Head Waters Health Care Centre, Orangeville.
The Purpose:
  • To provide a creative outlet that will improve morale and relieve the stress of patients and families. Staffs in emergency departments have expressed a keen interest in our youth supporting youth project.  
Major Players:·         South Simcoe Arts Council, Simcoe County District School Board, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board, and Alliston Community Christian School.  Schools in South Simcoe were invited to contribute black- line drawings and designs. 

The Product:
  • A thirty-six page colouring book, featuring artwork from 18 local schools submitted by students in the fall of 2009 and juried for inclusion from over 300 black-line drawingsand designs
Donors (Financial and In-kind):·         $2000 Rotary Club of Alliston $2000 South Simcoe Arts Council fundraiser proceeds·         $2000 Anonymous $2000 Anonymous·         $1500 Michael Worrod Memorial Fund·         $500 Alliston Community Policing Committee·         $500 Kimberlite Enterprises Christmas Concert proceeds       
  • Swiss Chalet Alliston; Aurora; Barrie/Bayfield; Barrie/ Molson Park; East Gwillimbury/Green Lane; Newmarket/Mulock Drive and Orangeville. Also Red Oak Digital, Alliston Home Hardware and Building Centre, Jan Archer, Jim and Jan Atkinson, Ann Baptist, John Da Silva, Joy Foster, Metroland North Media, Patricia Middlebrook, Deanna Neville-Verardi, Katie Newcombe, Megan Newcombe, Rogers T.V.,Marilyn Shephard, Sonia Shephard, SNAP South Simcoe, South Simcoe Youth Choir, the Times of New Tecumseth & Adjala Tosorontio, Nancy Williams
The Cost: $10,500.00
  • 10 000 books
  • 10 000 zip lock bags
  • 6400 sets of three crayons from Crayola ***3600 sets of crayons were donated by local Swiss Chalet restaurants
Planned Response:     
  • The colouring books will be packaged individually with crayons (by adult and youth volunteers) and delivered as needed to our local hospitals  
Current Status:
  • Photo ops are being arranged for each hospital setting.
  • We are encouraging continued donations to the Colouring Book project to fund a second edition via pledge forms on our website via Paypal.
Let's get these books into the hospital emergency departments at SMH, RVH and Southlake!


Colour Your Cares Away Concert December 2010

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